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Interior design project for one room with special price


You don't want to start long and exhausting renovation or just need to turn home office to the nursery, renew design of your kitchen or bathroom? This simple design option offered to give clients the opportunity to create  a professional designed space that perfectly meets your individual style, space, and budget. And, the process is simple. We gather information from you to learn what you envision for your space, and then we create a beautiful and functional custom design project for you that serves as a do-it-yourself guide to create the space yourself. You can tackle the design of your home one space at a time, at your own pace, and as your budget allows!


How does it work?

To start, we send you a questionnaire to gather information about your project requirements, your design goals and what you envision for your space. Complete our design questionnaire to establish budget and room requirements. Send us inspirational images, online links, or invite us to join your Pinterest board. 


Then, we have you take measurements and photographs of your space for us to utilize during the design. If needed, we may also gather additional information.


Next, we create space plans, design and color concepts, as well as furniture and finish selections, that fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your space.


We organize all our design ideas, tools, and tips into a comprehensive design project that will serve as a do-it-yourself guide to implementing the design yourself!


What is includes in design project?

  • Questionnaire

  • Detailed floor plan with furniture and lighting

  • Room elevations for window treatment and wall decor

  • Design concept board (with all furniture selections)

  • Color palette

  • Shopping list with budget and links

  • 1 round of design revision



What to expect?

Design project include a complete plan with the design tools, a to-do list with designer tips to help you get started implementing the design! All furnishings, decor, etc. are readily available to you at affordable, national retailers open to the public, making it really simple for you to implement the design project yourself! We believe that interior design should be accessible to everyone, we work within any budget and we never mark up the prices of the furniture or decor we recommend.



Once we start the design of your project, you'll have a complete design project within a couple of weeks. 1 round of revisions after initial design is provided. And, we also provide two weeks of complementary support as you get started to implementing the design!



Price List: 

Hallways | Entryway $500

Breakfast Room | Powder Room $650

Dining | Home Office | Bathroom | Nursery $850

Family Room | Living Room | Bedroom | Master Bath $1200

Kitchen  $1500

Conceptual watercolor sketch - $200 per one view

3D high quality visualisation - $500 for 4 views


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