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Kitchen in the French style: composed success

I very much love beautiful, unusual kitchens which not only are fine externally, but also at the same time are functional. Especially I love projects which are created in US under the influence of the French classical style because, as a rule, in such projects, the elegant esthetics of Paris and a comfortable functionalism of the American style is combined, namely I try to achieve it in each project. The kitchen, as a rule is heart of the house therefore I pay them to study so much attention. An esthetics, functions, details – nothing has to remain unaddressed the designer. Having seen this project of the American company Karpaty Cabinets – I have fallen in love from it at first sight. The project of this kitchen has been created within SYMPHONY SHOW HOUSE 2013 in Atlanta, the USA and has drawn attention of tens of thousands of visitors. The kitchen looks magnificent and impressive, thanks to connection of elements of the French and American styles, different materials, and also the proportions of some objects and non-standard decisions intentionally increased. Almost smooth facades with a simple panel hide a set of convenient boxes and cases for storage. All kitchen equipment is built most in inside. For table-tops two materials - Amazon Pearl Quartz and on a tin basis are used. Doors of kitchen are added with beautiful handles from Rocky Mountain Hardware. Floor tile under a natural stone, details from limestone organically combine with modern lamps and original furniture under "the French old times". A ceiling of an unusual form of this house as in ancient abbey, I became a link between the present and tradition. Crystal suspended lamps from Lee Broom became cherry on this cake over two islands of this kitchen. Simply, but it is elegant. It is modern and at the same time, here classical elements are guessed everywhere. Classical French style is elegant and simple, the American style is comfortable and functional, but behind imaginary simplicity of such projects there is always someone's laborious work thanks to which, they turn out so inspiring.

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