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Charm of Brooklyn

Houses from sandstone or "brownstone" (from English brown "brown" and stone "stone") which in the 19th century and till 1920th years in a large number builded across in New York and Brooklyn always were and still remain very expensive housing. Last century such houses inhabited rich families which were able to afford the private house in the center of a metropolis, but also now when brownstone are most often divided into several certain apartments, all of them still are expensive.

Despite external similarity, you will hardly find among them two identical houses - all of them different, with unique architectural details and finishing, with a non-standard arrangement of rooms. It allows to create design interiors where the architecture closely intertwines with a decor in the braunstounakh, creating comfort, to peculiar buildings of ancient construction.

This interior created by design bureau McGrath II has attracted me with simplicity and grace. The beautiful color palette based on pastel colours with impregnations of bright accents. There is not many decor, but at the same time the interior doesn't look ascetic. Each item is interesting in itself - whether it be a mirror in a bedroom, a chandelier in a hall or chairs in kitchen, but in general they create absolutely harmonious atmosphere. All details of an interior were selected by the principle "not quantity, but quality". In this case quality is meant as bright identity, but not cost (however, often these two concepts don't do the friend without friend).

In one room designers have collected objects from different eras – we see modern lamps, vintage chairs and an antiquarian sofa here. Despite this stylistic heterogeneity all objects are harmoniously grouped and don't cause a dissonance that undoubted good luck of the designers working on apartments.

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